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Instructions to access training manuals

To access our training manuals and other resources, click on the name of the manual. A myPortal login prompt will appear. Enter the username and password you use to get into your work computer every day (e.g. abc1234, mypassword). Once you enter the appropriate login credentials, you will have access to all of our training manuals and resources.

For those DCCCD employees without a designated/assigned work computer, please contact softwaretraining@dcccd.edu for training manuals and other resources.

Microsoft Office 2007


Welcome to the District Software Training site! You can locate tutorials by selecting the desired training topic or by using the site map.

Should you be unable to locate a needed tutorial or should you have any suggestions or comments about the tutorials on the site, please contact us by emailing SoftwareTraining@dcccd.edu.

To request training at your site, please use our myPortal Course Request Form . This month's classes are shown on our Schedule.

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